Sending an Antics Project

It is possible to send your entire Antics Project (not just the video you created) to Antics staff, to your friends, to the Antics Community, or even to yourself for work on another computer.

Preparing your Antics Project:

-Save your project. Be sure to save it to its own folder separate from any other Antics project(s).

-Locate the folder in Windows Explorer that contains your project. This folder should have a folder structure that looks something like this (where Project Name is the name of your project)

Sample Antics Project Directory

It is important that when you send a project, you include the entire contents of this folder as they appear above, including all subfolders.

The easiest way to send the entire project as a single file is to compress the entire folder into a format like .zip or .rar. You’ll need a compression tool for this. If you don’t already have one, try WinZip, the free 7-Zip, or a google search to find a tool that suits your needs.

If you’re using 7-Zip, Right click on the folder that contains the entire contents of your project and choose 7-Zip > Add to Project (where Project Name is the name of your project). Click here for a full-sized screenshot demonstrating this.

This will create a file called Project in the same location as the folder you compressed (in my case, in C:\Antics Projects).

Posting your Antics Project:

If you’re sending your project to Antics staff, let us know and we’ll setup an ftp location for your big projects.

Or, you can post it on our forum:
Posting a project on the forum means including a link in your post to a 3rd party site where you can host your compressed project file.

This could be your own website, or a website that allows hosting of hotlinked files. In this example, I’ve used You can find a list of other websites that allow hotlinking here.

Upload your compressed project to the 3rd party host, and include the download link in your post, as I have done below:



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