Recommended specs for running Antics 3D

One of the (many!) advantages of Antics is that it does not require a cutting edge machine to run on, unlike many animation packages. You don’t need a professional graphics card to get going, a reasonably powerful graphics card will allow you to employ anti-aliasing, and may allow you to render images and videos that comply with HD standards.

You may experience graphics related issues with Antics depending on your graphics card, drivers, and the settings you are using. If you are having trouble rendering images and video, or if you are experiencing graphics related errors (that mention display, layout, graphics, video or rendering), please follow the steps below.

Check your machine meets the recommended specs

You will need at least a 128MB video card with support for Open GL 1.4 or later.

For the entire list of minimum system requirements for Antics, click here.

You can check your computer’s display specifications using the DirectX Diagnostic tool. You installed Direct X when you installed Antics, so you can be sure this is on your computer.

Go to Start > Run


Go to Start > Search

In the window, type ‘dxdiag‘ (without the quotes).

Click on the ‘Display’ tab to see your video card and driver specifications.

Note: You can post your DirectX Diagnostic results on our forum by clicking on the Save All Information…button in the DirectX Diagnostic window, and copying and pasting from the resulting text file.

If the video card in your system does meet these requirements…

Check you have the latest drivers for your video card

Hint: Many computer manufacturers like Dell and HP have video drivers for their computers available from their websites.

You may also be interested in this thread on our forum where a user describes success with Antics using a third party video driver from

Check your Antics Display settings

Before you launch Antics, open the Antics Display Setup utility that can be found on your Start menu here:

Start > All Programs > Antics > Antics V3.1 > Antics Display Setup

In the “Display format” drop down box please ensure that Antics is set to the lowest available setting, with anti-aliasing turned off.

If your issue is with rendering video, try a lower output setting

In Antics, go to Tools > Preferences. Choose the ‘Output’ tab. From the Preset Resolutions drop down list, choose ‘320 x 240’. If you are still having trouble, choose ‘Custom’ and input settings that are lower.

From the same location, you may also wish to try using…

1.) A different codec for compression and lower compression settings via the ‘Video’ button.
2.) A lower frame rate via the ‘Frames per second’ drop down list.


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