What next?

One of the fascinating things about working for Antics is seeing just how many uses people find for the software. Our whole goal is to take away the technical hurdles in producing animations so that anyone can unleash their creativity – and that is certainly what our users are doing.

Antics has been used to

pre-viz parts of some big budget films

pitch film projects

teach film making courses

produce animated shorts

create fun clips for sharing

visualise building designs

run re-enactments for the emergency services

plan courtroom appearances

do business simulations

You can see some of the results of this work at http://youtube.com/antics3d

All of these uses have different requirements although there is a huge overlap. Which is why we are so keen to hear your views on what new features, content, support or services are important to you. Please tell us on our forum at http://www.antics3d.com/forum.php?action=topics&cat_id=8.

We are working on many of the suggestions you have already made and will shortly be giving you some previews of what is coming.


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