Anyone for Anymation?

There’s a fascinating post over on the Zarathustra forum which discusses the new term anymation’.

This is the concept that we should recognise that we use a number of different tools to get the job done. Some purists would argue that true Machinima can only be produced within the environment of a single game engine. However I believe that may limit creativity and you should use as many tools as you need. Take the path of least resistance – if there’s a tool that will do the job, why not embrace it?

I agree with the ethos of anymation – use any available tool to achieve the effect you want. There are thousands of users out there right now using Antics as one step on their journey to produce their vision in video. You might create your models in Google SketchUp, bring them to life in Antics, then add some polish in After Effects. Anymation in action 🙂

It’s great to be witness to the birth of a new concept! But do you agree with the anymation concept? Are there any benefits in confining your workflow to one or two pieces of software? Share your thoughts on the subject with the Antics community.


4 Responses to Anyone for Anymation?

  1. Overman says:

    Thanks for the mention of our forum! And just for posterity, I’ll reiterate here that the term was coined by a fellow filmmaker named Tom Jantol a couple years ago. He was doing / preaching Anymation before it was cool. 🙂

  2. Ricky Grove says:

    “Anymation” is a term created by the experimental animation filmmaker, Tom Jantol. He used it initially to apply to the strange, poetic films he was creating using Motionbuilder (for the most part). While Tom hasn’t really been pushing to make the term a full-fledged movement, some of us (myself included) have embraced the concept and applied it to projects we are involved in. As an idea, it’s a good one since in allows you to move out of a game-related aesthetic and into one of you own imagination. The term ‘machinima” is in no danger of being supplanted by the anymation concept since even without the term, there are many filmmakers who simply like the ease of using programs like Antics, Iclone and Moviestorm, not to mention you get to own your won work. That is something that game-based machinima will not allow you to do.

  3. Tom Jantol says:

    Thank you for writing about Anymation. Indeed, as Ricky said, “Anymation” is not danger for any other term. Quite contrary, this is a generous framework around authors awareness that story is on first place.
    Take what you think you must, from anywhere, merge anything story needs to get the movie done. And for sure it can be done fast and efficient, without game engines, render farms or copyrights problems, with results comparable to anything.
    Maybe, just maybe, this present times are first period in animated movie history when any author really can make anything he want. For the first time he can do that in real time.
    This merge of advanced technology and state of author’s mind deserve it’s own name. So, here it is. 🙂

  4. Juan Falla says:

    I haden’t heard the term, until I read this post. I totally agree with it. I’ll start using!!

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