Facial animation in Antics using CrazyTalk

Following up on our ‘Moving Pictures’ blog from last week, the always inventive Antics community have started a thread over in the Tips and Tricks section of our forum on this very topic.

There are tutorial videos which are dedicated to using CrazyTalk to achieve facial animation, improved lip synching and even add teeth to Antics characters!

Here’s the first of the tutorial videos Antics user larrygj has posted up on YouTube:

Great work Larry!

As mentioned in the ‘Moving Pictures’ blog, we are currently working hard to add support for facial animation, expressions and emotions within Antics itself. As usual the Antics community have set the bar with these solutions and inspired us to do even better with the ‘official’ version!


One Response to Facial animation in Antics using CrazyTalk

  1. Ricky Grove says:

    Nice job, Larry. Very well done tutorial. I’ve been experimenting with Crazy Talk 3.0 (the current version, highly recommended) for Antics films along with other animation platforms like Garry’s Mod. Basically, any moment in a film where the character is not moving can be animated. Close-ups, medium shots, etc. You can add subtle movements like blinks or eye movements which really liven up what otherwise would be a “dead” character on-screen.

    There are also ways of “motion tracking” and “green screening” in order to animate a moving character with facial animation, but this is much, much more complicated and involves fairly sophisticated knowledge.

    Thanks again for your tutorial.


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