PC Plus readers – new features and free content

For those of you that have read the Antics tutorial in this month’s PC Plus magazine, and installed the free copy from the cover disk, there are several new features that we would like to draw your attention to.

The article mentions Antics ability to import .3ds, .fbx and .bvh files, but did you know that Antics V3.1 also enables you to import models from Google SketchUp? So if there’s a model you need you can create it yourself in the free version of SketchUp and import it into your Antics scene.

If you’re not feeling so creative then you can simply browse the thousands of free models on the Google 3D Warehouse. Go to File > Google 3D Warehouse in Antics and search for the models you need, then drop them straight into your Antics scene.

You can then set about animating those models if required. There’s a wealth of how-to’s and tutorials in the Google SketchUp Tips and Tricks section of our forum.

Check out this mech that was imported from SketchUp and animated in Antics:

There’s a step-by-step guide of how that was created over on the forum

As you’re new to Antics, I can thoroughly recommend our range of video tutorials. They cover every subject in Antics from getting started and building your first set, through importing content and directing your action, right up to rendering out your final movie. Whatever area you’re working on, there’s sure to be a video tutorial to guide you through.

Finally, the version of Antics you have installed from the cover disk is our V3.1 BasePack. All BasePack users are entitled to download our free Starter content pack. This contains hundreds of models including characters and a variety of props to get you started, including the doors and windows mentioned in the PC Plus article.

You can download the pack from our store here. All you need to do to get the pack is register on our community forum, then post in this thread to let us know you want the pack so we can enable the free download for you.

If you have any questions you can be sure of a warm welcome on the forum!


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  1. […] I mentioned when the first tutorial was published last month, there is a copy of Antics V3.1 BasePack free on the PC Plus cover disk. All BasePack users are […]

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