Calling all Budding Directors

We are changing the forum to make it easier for you to move up to Budding Director level, and then on to Power User. At the same time, we are launching a program of incentives and tools for those who reach these levels.

As you will have seen, we have introduced regular weekly webinars for those who are just starting out using Antics and they are proving really popular. Well now we are launching webinars just for Budding Directors to help you hone your skills, with the first one in three weeks. We’ll also be announcing some special offers for you very soon.

So how do you become a Budding Director and get an invite to these new webinars? Simply by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Submit an original video made in Antics. Read this post to find out how to submit and publicise your work. The video does not have to be long, sophisticated or complex (it could be all of 10 seconds). It just has to show that you can manage the different stages of using Antics : creating or modifying a set, directing action, choosing the appropriate camera shots, producing a timeline and outputting it as a final video
  • Make 25 posts on the forum
  • Provide helpful advice on the forum to others which indicates your knowledge of Antics and/or animation

Antics will be the judge of submitted videos, to check that they contain a reasonable amount of original work, and of forum posts, to see that they contain valid and useful remarks; and hence Antics will decide on the award of Budding Director status. However if anyone challenges our decision, we will be happy to publish all the material for the community to decide.

We will publish more details of the Budding Director program in the next few days but in the meantime, get cracking on those videos to submit and watch out for more details.


2 Responses to Calling all Budding Directors

  1. […] and very easy way to create your first Antics video and become a Budding Director. As we mentioned last week, if you create a video and share it with us on YouTube we will upgrade you to a Budding Director on […]

  2. […] You will no doubt find our community forum of great use. If you have any questions or if you would like some feedback on a work in progress then you can be sure of a warm welcome on the forum. In fact, we would love to see any videos you create in Antics. So if you post one up to our Showcase, it doesn’t matter how short or simple it is, then we will upgrade your forum status to Budding Director! […]

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