Ready-made Antics sets now available

I hope you will head straight over to our store and take a look at the 6 Antics sets that we have just released for free download.

The six ready-built sets include:

  • Green screen stage
  • Pirate ship
  • Newsroom
  • Aircraft carrier (imported from SketchUp)
  • Military scene based in the desert
  • Domestic scene in a kitchen

Use them as the backdrop to your own action, or as examples to learn how Antics works.

This is the first time we have made pre-built projects available to download from our store, and we will be adding to these regularly over the coming weeks.

If you have built any sets in Antics that you think others might enjoy then let us know. If they pass muster, we’ll upload those too for the Antics community to share!

We hope that these will give you a head start. You can just download a pre-built scene and start directing your action. They will be especially good for new users as they familiarise themselves with Antics. You can get some action directed in a few minutes rather than spending time developing a set.

In fact, you could use one of these sets as a quick and very easy way to create your first Antics video and become a Budding Director. As we mentioned last week, if you create a video and share it with us on YouTube we will upgrade you to a Budding Director on the Antics forum! Just post up your work on YouTube, then share the link with us in the forum Showcase.

There’s a thread in the Tips & Tricks section of our forum which is dedicated to these projects.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of Antics yet, don’t forget that the Antics BasePack is free to download from our store, is fully functional and not time limited in any way!



One Response to Ready-made Antics sets now available

  1. Ricky Grove says:

    Great! Thanks for making these available.

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