Everybody do the twist

Hi everyone,

First off an introduction, I’m Trevor, I’m a software tester here at Antics. If you find a bug in the software, well it’s the developers’ fault, nothing to do with me what so ever – although I suppose I should have spotted it first. As well as diligently searching for bugs in the Antics application, one of my roles is to build content packs.

Some of the more observant among you may have noticed that when you import a prop into a set, its x-axis aligns with the world x-axis but when you import a character into a set, its x-axis aligns with the world’s negative y-axis.


Well that’s the way it’s always been done.

What’s New?

From now on, the character based content packs will have the characters import into the set with their x-axis aligned to the world x-axis. There are a couple of reasons for this; issues with props attached to the character, inconsistent behavior between characters and prop and last but by no means least, because I have to manually rotate every character in a content pack before it can be built and that seems like a lot of effort just to propagate a system which is wrong to start with.

What are the side effects?

If you have some old characters which you drag into the set from the content viewer, they will face in one direction, while the characters from newer packs (see Foot Note #1) will face in a different direction. However, the first thing pretty much everyone does when importing characters and props into a set is to manually move and align them to their start positions so this change should be pretty minimal.

Note #1 – I believe Characters Casual Female Adult 08 Content Pack is the first pack which will have characters aligned in this way

If you have any questions about any of this then please drop us a line over in the Content Help section of the Antics Forum.


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