Antics induction webinar – Wednesday July 9th

If you want to see how much you can achieve with Antics in a matter of minutes, and have your questions answered by the Antics team, then now’s your chance!

Please join us for a FREE Introductory Webinar on Wednesday, July 9th @ 830am PDT (Local California time) – this would be 430pm in the UK.

Space is limited, so reserve your Webinar seat now HERE.

Watch a live 30 minute presentation to see what you can accomplish with Antics V3.1 in just minutes! At the end of the presentation, you’ll have a chance to have your questions answered by an Antics expert on the spot! You’ll be able to IM/chat (instant message) your questions to the host at the end of the presentation and he will answer the questions live over the audio Talkshoe. You’ll even get your question addressed by seeing how to resolve the issue in Antics through the real time webinar.

This week we’ll be using a new method of live audio delivery to accompany the live video presentation.

Visit our TalkShoe audiocast page for scheduling & participation information.

About TalkShoe

There are several ways to join the audio portion via TalkShoe, so if you have trouble with one method, try another. We HIGHLY recommend that you test your audio ahead of time by joining any of the public TalkShoe audiocasts before our webinar begins. It can take up to 15-20 minutes to setup your computer for participation.

You can connect to TalkShoe with no installation and listen via streaming audio, but you will experience an approximately 10 second delay.

You can listen live (with no delay) by downloading and installing the free TalkShoe software (available for Mac & Windows), by calling in via phone to a standard US number, by calling in via Skype or other VOIP services that allow you to call standard US phone numbers, or you can connect via SIP with any 3rd party software that supports it.

For more details on how to setup TalkShoe, please see this thread on our forum.
I hope to “meet” you on the webinar Wednesday, July 9th!


NOTE – if you can’t make this live webinar, don’t fret, as we’ll be hosting these events regularly. Stay tuned to this Webinars forum for more news about upcoming live online events!


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