Machinima FilmFest 2008 – Submission categories announced!

It’s nearly time to submit your movies for consideration at the Machinima FilmFest 2008. The submission categories have just been announced – awards will be given in each of the sixteen categories, plus one special award for technical achievement in machinima.

You can submit your work from August 1st until September 12th, keep an eye on the FilmFest blog, details of how to submit will be published there soon.

The festival itself will be held at the Eyebeam centre for Art and Technology in New York on the weekend of the 1st November.

So you still have plenty of time to polish up your Antics story and get it submitted.

The machinima FilmFest is the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences annual event to showcase machinima, its creators and technology.

If you have a work in progress, you can post it up in the Showcase area of the Antics forum and we’ll give you feedback, advice and tips to get you closer to one of those prestigious awards!


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