Antics V4 in action – realtime shadows video!

Well, we’re a day closer to the release of Antics V4. To celebrate, I’ve decided to trump the sneak preview screen shot I blogged yesterday with a short video!

Antics comes out of the shadows:

You can find it directly on Youtube here:

I’m still constantly amazed by how much extra depth, realism and atmosphere you can get in a simple scene just by adding shadows! Just drop a light into any Antics scene, and hey presto – realtime shadows.
Credit to Amos in our QA team for putting that together!


9 Responses to Antics V4 in action – realtime shadows video!

  1. Phil Rice says:

    What a wonderful demonstration of a great feature. Well done!

  2. […] Antics Blog: “Antics V4 in action – realtime shadows video!” […]

  3. Zalee says:

    This is truly amazing! Good job guys!

  4. paul b (in ireland) says:

    Very nice piece. Very exciting things ahead. Is it better to wait our for Version 4 before buying? Or will it be an auto upgrade from 3.1.

  5. jgesq says:

    FABULOUS!!!!! Can’t wait

  6. Juan says:


    But, where did that “devilish” character come from????

  7. gcon says:

    He’s a nosferatu character from a Horror Content Pack we’re working on. Some rather unkind Antics colleagues have suggested that he was modelled on my good self…. Should be available soon!

  8. […] those who wanted to get hold of the scary Nosferatu character we used in our V4 shadows preview video, now’s your chance. He’s available in the Characters Horror 01 pack, along with […]

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