Pixar loves WALL-E so much, they made it twice…

There’s a fascinating interview over on Adaptive Path with Pixar’s Michael B Johnson. He gives an interesting insight into the processes Pixar use off the back of the recent release of WALL-E.

What caught my eye was the fact that they effectively made WALL-E twice, once as a story reel and then again as the final film. You begin to see how it took four years to finish.

This is an excellent case study in the value of previz. Johnson sees the value in being able to ‘fail fast’. That is, he accepts that mistakes will be made and problems will arise. So the quicker those issues are identified the better. Having a previz of a movie helps you spot those problems before you get into the expensive realms of production. Not to mention the boost it gives communication between departments in those crucial early stages.

I went to see WALL-E at the weekend, it’s an amazing movie, I would say my favourite from Pixar. Great animated short to kick things off too. I must admit to being left a little flat, but I think we can put that down to the mountains of spoilers and opinion I had read before seeing the movie. In this online age you can go to a movie premiere feeling like it’s a re-run.

So if you want Antics V4 to be a fresh, sparkling surprise, don’t read this blog, it has spoilers. I’m off to mail a USB stick with a copy of Antics Professional to the guys at Pixar.

Have a great weekend, Antics V4 will be with us next week.


One Response to Pixar loves WALL-E so much, they made it twice…

  1. jgesq says:

    Pre-Viz is such a fact of life in all large budget films now. I love what Antics can offer and will continue to develop my skills with it.

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