International Machinima Expo – Call For Entries

Some of the leading lights in machinima production have gathered to launch the inaugural International Machinima Expo.

Familiar names Ingrid Moon, Damien Valentine, Ricky Grove and Phil Rice have got together to organise the event. Running over the weekend of November 7th, MachinExpo is part of the Festival Arcadia in Montreal.

MachinExpo will feature workshops, premieres of the best work from established and new machinima directors, panel discussions and screenings in front of an expected audience of 20,000.

If you’re interested in getting this kind of exposure for your work, then you’ll be pleased to hear they have just put out a call for entries. There are a total of 6 prizes on offer, it’s free to submit your movie, and the deadline is October 6th.

For more details of the event and the submission rules check out



One Response to International Machinima Expo – Call For Entries

  1. rgrove says:

    Thanks for picking this up and posting! Should be an interesting and exciting three days. I’m hoping Antics can be a part of it, too. We are currently working with Mike Jones to be the keynote speaker. More info at the machinima-expo site soon.

    C’mon, Antics filmmakers! Submit your films!

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