20 new Antics characters now available

Five new content packs are now available for you to download. Containing 20 characters, these packs will bring your fantasy scenes to life.

For those who wanted to get hold of the scary Nosferatu character we used in our V4 shadows preview video, now’s your chance. He’s available in the Characters Horror 01 pack, along with Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and a Mummy.

The characters are fully interactive and can be dropped into any Antics scene. Some come with their own special walk animations. As you can see in the V4 preview video, Nosferatu has his very own Mr Burns-esque shuffle.

The packs retail for £3.95/$7.95/€5.45 and of course are free for Antics Professional users.

Characters Horror 01 (Premium)

Characters Fantasy (Premium)

Characters Medieval 01 (Premium)

Characters Medieval 02 (Premium)

Characters Casual Female Adult 08 (Premium)

(You’ll need a fair damsel or two to rescue from Nosferatu’s clutches!)

If you’re a BasePack user and were thinking of taking the $95 upgrade offer to get V4 Professional then now’s the time to do it as you’ll get all 5 packs for free. Be quick though, the discount code is only valid till the end of August.

If there’s any content packs that you would like to see in future then please let us know over in the Content Wishlist area of the forum.

I hope you enjoy the new characters, be sure to share your horror and fantasy inspired videos on the forum.



5 Responses to 20 new Antics characters now available

  1. drew says:

    It would be great to learn what process and software you are using to create new characters and even better if you could release some more source files for 3ds max for the pro users.

  2. drew says:

    oh and some more tutorials for max, as we’re not all max pros.


  3. Ricky Grove says:

    These look great. Thanks for making them available. I second drews request; being able to create your won characters would be a great resource for the pro users. Thanks!

  4. Andrew says:

    Sounds, Emotions, Animations, Textures – NEEDED!
    Guys I love this program too!
    Antics may be the tool I have been wanting, but I arrived a month before the company went out of business. I have Antis V5, but I am lacking some of the accessories!

    I am trying to use Antics, and I have downloaded the supported downloadable items that are currently on the Antics.com website. This is a good start,but I need an inventory of Sounds and voices, phrases, emotions, and animations, I also need building / wall textures. Are resources availablefor these type of items. I really like Antics, and it coud be very useful, but w/o these things, it will be hard to invest too much time in the program.


  5. jack says:

    very nice info…let me add my 2 cents to this blog by sharing a really good resource of 3ds max tutorials at http://appslog.com/blog/1-blog/796-huge-list-of-3ds-max-tutorials.html

    they really have a huge list of tutorials.

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