Antics at the UFVA Conference – University Film and Video Association

Antics exhibited v4 at the UFVA conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado this past week from August 12-16.

The UFVA hosts an annual conference where university professors can share curriculum ideas and educate themselves on cutting-edge technologies for the film classroom, such as Antics. Next year’s UFVA conference will be hosted at the University of New Orleans.

Antics was very well-received by over 350 university professors from across the United States and the educators immediately saw a wide variety of applications for Antics within their classrooms.

Most professors were unhappy with their current storyboarding programs at their respective schools and were very enthused about Antics’ ability to add character animation and camera choreography to bring their storyboards to life.

Not only do the educators plan to implement Antics into their campus computer labs for students to use, but many saw the benefits of using Antics for visualizing the core concepts of the director in a virtual environment. The ability to view multiple camera viewports simultaneously was a major plus while also being able to watch the cameras animate from an overhead view wowed many.

The new lighting and shadows features of v4 added another jaw-dropping moment to the demonstrations, when professors began to realize that Antics is an all-encompassing virtual filmmaking tool. I could see the wheels spinning when the educators realized that Antics allowed a student filmmaker to wear many hats, including that of the set designer, director, cinematographer and editor, which gives students a well-rounded education.

One department chair at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago even saw the advantages of using Antics for pre-visualization for his animation students who are using Maya for high-end 3D animation classes. Because traditional keyframe based animation programs like Maya are much more time consuming than a real-time application like Antics, he plans to have his students do animated pre-viz in Antics before committing to the final render in Maya.

As you know, Antics offers free Professional licenses to educators, so many educators are returning home to evaluate Antics for immediate implementation this Fall.


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