Free content libraries

You can never have enough content at your fingertips. More resources mean you can be more creative with your animations.

Here are some great free libraries suggested by Antics users:

Free motion capture

This is a massive library and I’ve imported a few of their animations with no trouble at all. If you find an animation that needs editing, why not use another suggestion – BVH Hacker

Free audio

Another large library, I’ve found many useful .wav files here, and most seem to be in the correct format to drop straight into Antics

Free textures

The same for textures to help customise your props



3 Responses to Free content libraries

  1. Juan Falla says:

    Great links!

  2. Gcon says:

    Another one for the list – a library of stock effect footage as mentioned on Overman’s Blog:

    Great for explosions, gunshots, blood etc

  3. […] free content libraries Last week I posted up a list of online libraries that you can use to grab free content for use in your Antics3D […]

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