Importing SketchUp files into Antics3D V5? – Please read this

If you are using Antics3D version 5 to import models from Google SketchUp then please be aware that we have just identified an urgent issue.

While you will be able to import your models and those freely available on the Google 3D Warehouse as normal, please be aware that hitting the Cancel button on the import dialog may result in a loss of data.

This only affects users of the newly released version 5. If you are still to upgrade and are using an earlier version of Antics3D then you are unaffected.

Our development team have already identified the cause of the problem and have supplied a fix. This is currently in testing with our QA team and we will make it available to all V5 users as soon as we possibly can.

The issue will affect data in the folder where your SketchUp models are stored. Therefore we would strongly advise that when using the SketchUp import feature you save your SketchUp files in their own dedicated directory. We would also recommend that you keep backups of any SketchUp models that you are importing.

We will email all V5 users with the fix as soon as we have it.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions around this issue then please drop me a line at

Gary Conway

Support & Community Manager



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