Free content for Budding Directors

June 18, 2008

Antics will be launching its next Premium Content pack next week; and Budding Directors (those who have “Budding Director” status on our forum) are getting a preview of the pack and the chance to download it for free before it goes on sale next week.

If you are a Budding Director, look out for an email with details of the pack and how to access it.

For those of you who are not yet Budding Directors, there is an easy way to become one – just submit us a video you have made with Antics, something that shows you understand the basics of how to use Antics to produce your own animated output. Read this post to find out how to submit a video.

The Budding Director program will be continually evolving, with early access to content and details of new products, special offers on Premium Content and webinars designed to help you make your videos more compelling. We will be announcing further details soon.

Meantime, happy directing.


Anyone for Anymation?

May 15, 2008

There’s a fascinating post over on the Zarathustra forum which discusses the new term anymation’.

This is the concept that we should recognise that we use a number of different tools to get the job done. Some purists would argue that true Machinima can only be produced within the environment of a single game engine. However I believe that may limit creativity and you should use as many tools as you need. Take the path of least resistance – if there’s a tool that will do the job, why not embrace it?

I agree with the ethos of anymation – use any available tool to achieve the effect you want. There are thousands of users out there right now using Antics as one step on their journey to produce their vision in video. You might create your models in Google SketchUp, bring them to life in Antics, then add some polish in After Effects. Anymation in action 🙂

It’s great to be witness to the birth of a new concept! But do you agree with the anymation concept? Are there any benefits in confining your workflow to one or two pieces of software? Share your thoughts on the subject with the Antics community.