Animated mech imported from Google 3D Warehouse

April 30, 2008

Here’s a very cool video of a mech model that was imported from the Google 3d Warehouse then animated in Antics…

Just goes to show how valuable the Warehouse import feature is that you can grab models like that completely free and drop them into your scene.

Keep an eye on the SketchUp Tips & Tricks section on our forum, a how-to explaining how the mech was animated will be posted there soon.

Update: The how-to is now available.


Google SketchUp Tips & Tricks

April 28, 2008

If you’ve upgraded to Antics V3.1 then you will be getting familiar with the new native Google SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse import features. If you haven’t already, have a look at the new Google SketchUp Tips & Tricks section in the forum.

Many of you will want to take advantage of the ability to import .skp content from the massive Google 3d Warehouse (available from File > Google 3d Warehouse in Antics), but keep in mind that most of these tricks are relevant to models imported from the .3ds and .fbx format, as well.

Some examples of crossover tricks:

How to find imported models

Enabling imported sets for intelligent character interaction

Configuring imported surfaces for pick up/put down functionality

Edit the pivot of imported props to ensure proper movement

Picking up/Putting Down imported props

Using the direct tool to give imported models a path

Interacting with imported doors

Interacting with imported chairs

How to Animate imported mechs (robots) and other bipeds

Save time by organizing your imported Antics content

April 14, 2008

Antics offers powerful import capabilities, allowing you to bring in models and animations in  .3ds, .fbx, .bvh, and .skp formats. As your library of custom content grows it becomes more important to organise it properly so you can find the piece of content that you need quickly and easily. 

The Antics Content Viewer is great for browsing the default Antics content, however it is currently read-only. This means that you cannot use it to browse for any of the content you may have imported.

To access previously imported content, you can use the powerful Antics Project Browser that allows you to bring assets from other Antics projects into your current project.

So, if you save all your imported content in one or two Antics projects then you can use those projects as content libraries, and browse through them using the Project Browser.

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