Student Teacher Competition – Every entry wins Antics3D Pro

September 19, 2008

If you’re a student with an interest in filmmaking then we’ve just launched a great contest for you.

Use our free 21-day trial to produce a short clip showing a filmmaking concept and you will receive a free copy of Antics 3D V4 Professional ($295 on our web store).

What’s more, the top clip will earn $1000 cash for its creator. With two runner up prizes of $250 each you’re in with a great chance of picking up some cash as well as some free filmmaking software!

For more details, including how to download your trial copy of Antics and how to submit your video, check out this link

The choice of which filmmaking concept to demonstrate is yours. For example you could show the rule of thirds, the 180 degree rule, a shot-reverse-shot. This is the kind of thing we’re looking for:

If you have any questions then email us at or post on our forum.

Full time students at any level, from any country, can participate. Proof of student status may be requested.

What you need to get started:


Congrats to Ammo Previz – 10,000 Antics3D blog views

September 16, 2008

Ammo Previz (aka Antics3D user Tony Bannan) runs a great Antics3D community blog over at But then, you already know that as his blog is amazingly popular amongst Antics3D users; it’s just passed through the 10,000 views mark

With articles on all things previz and some great tips and tricks the blog is essential reading for anyone with a copy of Antics3D.

It’s packed with detailed how-to articles that are always a great read, such as this recent post which shows us how to get our characters jumping. You’ll also find extremely useful techniques on how to achieve particular effects in Antics3D; who would have thought to use windows to make a bullet hole effect in a wall?

If you’ve read one of Tony’s recent articles on this very blog, such as the SketchUp masterclass, then you’ll know what to expect. So congratulations to the Antics Community Blog, here’s to the next 10,000!

More free content libraries

September 4, 2008

Last week I posted up a list of online libraries where you can grab free content for use in your Antics3D movies.

This inspired many of you to send in your own recommendations of sites that you use regularly, so here’s an updated list. You can never have enough mocap, audio and textures when creating a scene so keep the suggestions coming.

Free BVH Motion Capture

Carnegie Mellon University

Mocap Extras

Free BVH Editors



Free 3DS models




Free audio



Free textures

Textures Forrest

And finally a library of stock effects such as gun shots, blood and explosions that I found on Overman’s blog

Updated 08/09/08 – Thanks Darryl

SXSW Interactive Festival 2009 – We need you!

August 8, 2008

How would you like to see a “Virtual Filmmaking” panel at next year’s South by South West Interactive festival?

We have suggested such a panel to the SXSW organizers and they are very enthusiastic. However we need your help if it is to take place. Our suggested panel topic is just one of hundreds, and the organizers use a democratic method to chose which one makes it to the event.

Panel Picker voting has just gone live on the event site.

Please click HERE to place your vote for the “Virtual Filmmaking for Pre-visualization, Pitching and Machinima” panel that we’ve proposed. The more stars the better!

It’s sure to be a big success at an event which brings together so many cutting-edge movie geeks and up-and-coming indie filmmakers

The SXSW Interactive Festival features five days of exciting panel content and amazing parties. Attracting digital creatives as well as visionary technology entrepreneurs, the event celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology. Whether you are a hard-core geek, a dedicated content creator, a new media entrepreneur, or just someone who likes being around an extremely creative community, SXSW Interactive is for you!


Pixar loves WALL-E so much, they made it twice…

July 25, 2008

There’s a fascinating interview over on Adaptive Path with Pixar’s Michael B Johnson. He gives an interesting insight into the processes Pixar use off the back of the recent release of WALL-E.

What caught my eye was the fact that they effectively made WALL-E twice, once as a story reel and then again as the final film. You begin to see how it took four years to finish.

This is an excellent case study in the value of previz. Johnson sees the value in being able to ‘fail fast’. That is, he accepts that mistakes will be made and problems will arise. So the quicker those issues are identified the better. Having a previz of a movie helps you spot those problems before you get into the expensive realms of production. Not to mention the boost it gives communication between departments in those crucial early stages.

I went to see WALL-E at the weekend, it’s an amazing movie, I would say my favourite from Pixar. Great animated short to kick things off too. I must admit to being left a little flat, but I think we can put that down to the mountains of spoilers and opinion I had read before seeing the movie. In this online age you can go to a movie premiere feeling like it’s a re-run.

So if you want Antics V4 to be a fresh, sparkling surprise, don’t read this blog, it has spoilers. I’m off to mail a USB stick with a copy of Antics Professional to the guys at Pixar.

Have a great weekend, Antics V4 will be with us next week.

What next?

May 9, 2008

One of the fascinating things about working for Antics is seeing just how many uses people find for the software. Our whole goal is to take away the technical hurdles in producing animations so that anyone can unleash their creativity – and that is certainly what our users are doing.

Antics has been used to

pre-viz parts of some big budget films

pitch film projects

teach film making courses

produce animated shorts

create fun clips for sharing

visualise building designs

run re-enactments for the emergency services

plan courtroom appearances

do business simulations

You can see some of the results of this work at

All of these uses have different requirements although there is a huge overlap. Which is why we are so keen to hear your views on what new features, content, support or services are important to you. Please tell us on our forum at

We are working on many of the suggestions you have already made and will shortly be giving you some previews of what is coming.

Antics review in 3D World magazine

April 28, 2008

The latest issue of 3D World carries a review of Antics V3.0. The magazine went to press just before Antics V3.1 was unleashed, so you can add Google SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse to the list of features mentioned in the article. They do mention that an update will appear in their ‘Stop Press’ section on their website once they have taken a look at V3.1

We’re very happy to see Antics score an 8/10, which was awarded for our ProPack version – the free BasePack is “even better value for money”.


It’s also worth picking up a copy for the in-depth feature article on Machinima. This gives a great overview of the Machinima movement as it stands today and where it’s heading in the future. Fascinating reading!

  Antics review in 3D World