Antics3D Version 5 – just released!

October 9, 2008

Exciting news! The latest version of our software Antics3D, V5, has just been released – with a host of new and improved features. You’ll save time with our improved user interface which features context-sensitive buttons, and several other simplified tools like a unified Edit tool. But most of all, the feature you’ve all been waiting for is finally here: character emotions!

We’ve worked really hard to bring this incredible new feature to the product. You can now add all shades of expression to your characters, and animate it all in the same easy point-and-click fashion. Use preset emotions such as happiness, anger, surprise – or fine-tune the exact amounts of aggression, excitement, sadness, etc. that are present in the expression, to really achieve a subtle feeling.

There’s tons of improvements all across the board, and you really have to check it out to get a good feel for them. You can download a free trial, or for more information point your browser to:

If you did that, you’ll also notice we’ve come out with a completely new website, alongside the new logo and colour-scheme which you can already see on this blog. We hope you like it – please getintouch with us with any feedback you have, or any problems you may encounter. We’ve done our best to iron out any bugs, but as with any new website there may be teething problems – we’ll fix them as soon as we can.

One of the greatest things about the new website is the revamped asset management system. You can now download singular assets (like just 1 table) rather than having to download entire content packs. This means it’s cheaper and faster for you, and the choice is entirely yours. What’s more, all of our products now come standard with 6 months free access to all of this premium content!

We really hope you enjoy V5 and we’re continuing to improve the product daily. Please email in with any suggestions or feedback – we love to hear from you.


Antics V4 now available to download

July 31, 2008

Champagne all round here at Antics HQ – Antics V4 is now available to download from our website!

As we pass through the 10,000 Antics users mark, V4 features adaptive lighting, realtime shadows, character to character interactions and more.

All existing Antics users, please keep an eye on your inbox as you will receive an email in the coming days with instructions on how you can upgrade.

All new lighting system

The new lighting system allows shadows to be cast adding depth and realism to movies. At the touch of a button you can create incredible atmosphere and amazing effects.

See the shadows in action

Character to character interactions

It is now possible to command your characters to interact with each other. You can tell your actors to hug, kiss, shake hands, all from a handy menu.

Improved path planning and animation blending

The intelligent path planning in Antics has been improved to ensure characters take the optimum route to their destination. Animation has also been improved to make a characters transition between states appear more natural

Improved Google SketchUp importer

Many usability and workflow enhancements have been made to the Google SketchUp importer. It is now even easier to use than ever.

We have also made changes to our product lineup and pricing. The Antics V3.1 BasePack and ProPack have been replaced by Antics V4 Home and Professional.

The Home version is our standalone product, still free to download and is not time limited.

The Professional version is now even better value for money at $295, and includes the full range of importers (.3ds, .skp, .fbx, .bvh).

For full details of how the two versions compare, take a look at this overview

Many thanks to everyone in the growing Antics community. You’ve given us great feedback, and some great videos, which have helped us shape V4. Keep the feedback coming, we love to hear from you!


Take a sneak peek at Antics V4!

July 22, 2008

Our Development and QA teams tell me we are now days away from the next major release of Antics – V4.

They have worked tirelessly to perfect the new features in V4, and from what I’ve seen the results reflect the hard work!

So here’s a screen grab I would like to share with you. I think it tells you all you need to know about one of the headline features in V4!

Antics comes out from the shadows

Antics comes out from the shadows

Shadows and lighting are perhaps the features we receive most requests about. The screen shot shows a simple set with two spot lights dropped in. The spotlight on the right shows the gizmo which allows you to point the light, as well as adjust the radius, falloff and hotspot.

The shadows are created in realtime, just wait till you see it moving for yourself! The amount of atmosphere these lights add to a simple scene is astounding.

Also included in V4 will be improved animation on pre-walks, character-to-character animations (so you can have your characters hug and kiss!) and several very useful improvements to the SketchUp importer that was introduced in V3.1.

We’re very excited about the release of V4, I’m sure you will be too! Not long to wait now… be sure to set aside some time in the coming days to try out all the new features!