Antics on Myspace, YouTube and Facebook

June 20, 2008

Antics has an official presence in many online social networking sites, but most notably you can find us on Myspace, YouTube and Facebook.

So if you’re a Myspacer, a YouTube junkie and/or a Facebook fan, visit our pages and ask us to be your friend!

We might just say yes… just kidding.


Antics 3D now on Wikipedia

May 14, 2008

I’m very pleased to see that an article has just been published on Wikipedia covering all things Antics.

Two very generous members of the Antics community have taken the time to write the article. It’s a fascinating read for anyone who wants to know more about where Antics came from, what it can do, and where it’s heading.

I can’t wait to see how the entry evolves now that it’s opened up to the wider community. It’s an open encyclopedia so as an Antics user be sure to chip in if you have something to add! We will be watching with interest, although we won’t contribute directly on there as it’s purely a community driven project.

New workshop videos

April 20, 2008

If you’re new to Antics, or if you would like a refresher, then check out our latest workshop videos over on our support site.

Each workshop is split into two parts – the first deals with the basics such as set building and character movement, then you move on to more advanced topics such as directing your action.

There’s a millitary scene and a domestic scene which you can download, so you can follow the action you see in the video.

Recommended specs for running Antics 3D

April 18, 2008

One of the (many!) advantages of Antics is that it does not require a cutting edge machine to run on, unlike many animation packages. You don’t need a professional graphics card to get going, a reasonably powerful graphics card will allow you to employ anti-aliasing, and may allow you to render images and videos that comply with HD standards.

You may experience graphics related issues with Antics depending on your graphics card, drivers, and the settings you are using. If you are having trouble rendering images and video, or if you are experiencing graphics related errors (that mention display, layout, graphics, video or rendering), please follow the steps below.

Check your machine meets the recommended specs

You will need at least a 128MB video card with support for Open GL 1.4 or later.

For the entire list of minimum system requirements for Antics, click here.
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Antics scoops award!

April 15, 2008

We’re very pleased to say that Antics V3 has picked up another award, this time from the folks over at Digital Video.

Having reviewed Antics V3, Iain Stasukevich liked what he saw and kindly awarded us a DV Award of Excellence. Read the full review and find out exactly what Iain thought.

We can’t wait to find out the reception that Antics V3.1 will get when it’s released later this week! (keep an eye on or subscribe to this blog to be amongst the first to try the free download when it goes online).

Sending an Antics Project

April 15, 2008

It is possible to send your entire Antics Project (not just the video you created) to Antics staff, to your friends, to the Antics Community, or even to yourself for work on another computer.

Preparing your Antics Project:

-Save your project. Be sure to save it to its own folder separate from any other Antics project(s).

-Locate the folder in Windows Explorer that contains your project. This folder should have a folder structure that looks something like this (where Project Name is the name of your project)

Sample Antics Project Directory

It is important that when you send a project, you include the entire contents of this folder as they appear above, including all subfolders.

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