Storytelling Webinar – Wednesday, July 2nd – Budding Director Exclusive

June 27, 2008

As we mentioned recently, we’re beginning to offer exclusive webinars for Budding Directors and Power Users and our first exclusive Budding Director’s webinar will be on the topic of ‘storytelling.’

All Budding Directors and Power Users will receive an email with the instructions on how to join the exclusive live event shortly.

The 30 minute presentation on the topic of storytelling will feature Antics user/writer/director, Stefan Avalos. Stefan will be walking us through some of the storytelling methods he employs in using Antics to develop his film projects, namely, the Diamond Chasers, which you can see featured on the Antics Cinema.

Date: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
Time: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

As for all of you Antics ‘Newbies’ out there, you can be upgraded to Budding Director simply by meeting one of the following requirements:

* Submit an original video made in Antics. Read this post to find out how to submit and publicise your work. The video does not have to be long, sophisticated or complex (it could be all of 10 seconds). It just has to show that you can manage the different stages of using Antics : creating or modifying a set, directing action, choosing the appropriate camera shots, producing a timeline and outputting it as a final video

* Make 25 posts on the forum

* Provide helpful advice on the forum to others which indicates your knowledge of Antics and/or animation

So, what are you waiting for?

Output an Antics movie, upload it to YouTube and share the link with us on the “Showcase your Work” Antics forum. You’ll quickly be upgraded to Budding Director and included in the invite for the exclusive webinar. You’ll even get special offers on Antics Premium Content packs and sneak peaks at upcoming Antics releases!

I look forward to “meeting” you on the webinar on Wednesday!


And the winner is …

May 16, 2008

Well actually there are lots of them at the Webby awards which includes some great animations especially in the Online Film & Video category (

The Webby awards are inspirational in showing just how powerful and creative animations can be. We are committed to making Antics software continually easier to use and more flexible so that it is simple for you to create the best 3D animated stories and clips; and from what we have seen on the Antics Cinema, a number of our users are already rivalling some of the efforts that are gaining awards.

So keep telling us what improvements you need to the product to help you harness your creativity – join in on our forum at

Next week I will be starting to outline some of the improvements we are already working on based on existing requests from users.

What next?

May 9, 2008

One of the fascinating things about working for Antics is seeing just how many uses people find for the software. Our whole goal is to take away the technical hurdles in producing animations so that anyone can unleash their creativity – and that is certainly what our users are doing.

Antics has been used to

pre-viz parts of some big budget films

pitch film projects

teach film making courses

produce animated shorts

create fun clips for sharing

visualise building designs

run re-enactments for the emergency services

plan courtroom appearances

do business simulations

You can see some of the results of this work at

All of these uses have different requirements although there is a huge overlap. Which is why we are so keen to hear your views on what new features, content, support or services are important to you. Please tell us on our forum at

We are working on many of the suggestions you have already made and will shortly be giving you some previews of what is coming.